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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

Welcome to Med‘oPolo International Medical Rotation Programs. We offer students from across the globe to apply to our partner programs in Shanghai, China, and Botucatu, Brasil for clinical rotations. Each rotation will be tailored to your needs and we offer application for your individual duration and subjects needed.

Well over 600 medical students from all over the world have already taken the opportunity to experience foreign culture through our rotation program at the Shanghai East Hospital over the past 8 years. Med’oPolo International Programs offer our students Final Year rotations (‘Practical Year’ PJ) for a duration of 2 – 4 months, as well as clinical rotations for students within their clinical education (‘Famulatur’) for a duration of 1 month.

Your application is independent from existing university cooperations and our program is open to medical students from all medical faculties outside of China. Through Med’oPolo Programs, you can apply to the location of your choice and we will help you through the entire process from there: We are always there for you when needed and will offer our help regarding any questions or difficulties in the preparation of your journey, we will help you with advice regarding VISA issues, we will facilitate solving any problems which may arise during your time abroad, an we will guide your way until your rotation has been accepted from your home university.

We are looking forward hearing from you and to answer all of your questions prior to application. Our partners at the Shanghai East Hospital and at the Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu (FMB) are looking forward to your application for your individual educational experience abroad.

A brief history of the Med’oPolo Program

Since the foundation of the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office in 2001 by Prof. Liu Zhong Min, the Education Office has become a central part of student education at the Shanghai East Hospital. Initially founded for the education of domestic medical students of the Tongji University only, the successor of Prof. Liu Zhong Min – Prof. Zhongxin Zhao – established an international rotation program in 2007 open to medical from Germany at first. To establish this new international exchange program, Prof. Zhao soon began to work with us on curriculum development. The first online appearance of the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office on the internet through the support of what later became the Med‘oPolo Program was launched to give students easier access. As the next step in 2010, the entire medical rotation program underwent a thorough revision and remodeling: a Final Year Program (Praktisches Jahr – PJ), Famulatur Program, and an International Chinese Program was developed. During the establishment of the new programs, Prof Zhao worked closely together with German physicians and medical faculties to ensure that international standards, especially the standards of German universities, were implemented. This led to the development of a teaching lecture series taught by renown affiliate professors and expert doctors at the Shanghai East Hospital and to the development of a student tutorial class. As the program evolved, the Med’o Polo international medical program has been founded in 2010 to manage the program internally within the Education Office of the Shanghai East Hospital. In addition, the rooms in the dormitory building on Rushan Road were renovated to provide more comfortable student apartments to international students. Due to local legislation, the dormitory had to be closed to international medical students in 2017, after 7 successful years.

The overall quality of the internship was improved further by winning many more affiliate tutors throughout all departments over the following years. The international Chinese Program for international students studying at other Chinese faculties has also been discontinued due to legislative changes in 2017.
Prof. Zhao has finally retired from the program organization in 2019 and his successor, the current director of the Education Office, Ms. Yiwei Luo, has been taking over the organization of the Med’oPolo International Rotation Program at the Shanghai East Hospital together with her staff and select Tongji Medical Students. Through the organizational and education-development, the management of the program has been seperated after Prof. Zhao’s retirement. The Med’oPolo International Medical Rotation Programs have been externalized from the Education Office. Since then, Med’oPolo works directly as external partner with Tongji University Medical School, the Shanghai East Hospital and their Education Office. The International Student Program of Tongji University School of Medicine in cooperation with the Shanghai East Hospital and Med’oPolo clinical rotation Programs manage the program at current as partners.

The Med’oPolo International Programs have started to work with University hospitals of ‘Universidade Estadual Paulista’ (UNESP) in Brazil and have expanded to South America. ‘Faculdade de Medicina – Câmpus of Botucatu’ (FMB) started to offer the international rotation program in 2013 and application through Med’oPolo is open to medical students from all countries to experience hospital live and daily routine in a Brazilian hospital. The director of the international office of FMB, Prof. Silke Weber, has been actively involved in the development of the international medical curriculum in Botucatu and is actively involved in research about international medical education.