The Med’oPolo Network

MedoPolo: Internationale PJ und Famulaturprogramme

The Medopolo Network was established ever since its beginnings in 2010 and is constantly evolving. By active practical research in the field of international medical education and student development, the Med’oPolo network has gained many university partners and is working with a multitude of entities involved in medical education worldwide. Our active role in researching international medical education in strictly clinical settings as well as in simulation settings lead to constant evolution and change implementation of our programs.

Through the constantly evolving partner network, Med’oPolo strieves to further elaborate its network into different international locations and hopes to offer medical students from all over the globe additional certified inernship possibilities and a constantly evolving  quality of medical education at partner institutions worldwide. Through the continuous work of the Med’oPolo team, we hope to offer additional hospital locations in Shanghai and additional locations in all of China and the world in the near future.

Partners, Cooperations and Affiliate Organizations

Shanghai East Hospital
Tongji University
FMB Hospital
Belin Simulation- & Training Center, Charité