Botucatu – the City

Botucatu – The City

Botucatu is a city in the southeastern region of Brazil and is located 235 km from São Paulo, the Capital of the State of São Paulo. The city has a population of about 130,000 inhabitants within a total area of 1,486.4 square kilometers, on the top of a plateau. Besides the major sightseeing attractions in the city itself, there are many great and picturesque places to visit around.


FMB/UNESP hospital is located in the city of Botucatu. You will need to take a bus or taxi to get there. The nearest international airport is São Paulo.

Bus schedules can be viewed online. Bus tickets are quite inexpensive and are R$ 2,80 per ride. 

Taxis are available throughout the city. Taxi calling is easy, addresses and phone numbers of Taxis in Botucatu, as taxi-fare information can be viewed online.
An more adventurous and quite inexpensive way of transportation is offered by the motorcycle taxi’s.

Safety information

Compared to most major cities in Brazil, where safety can be a serious issue, Botucatu is relatively safe. However, just like any place when visited, students should be careful and observe their surroundings with vigilance – even though crimes against visitors are rare. Students should be very safe as long as they use their common sense and avoid situations that may feel not secure.

Students should be careful while using ATMs, especially at the airports since credit and/or debit cards may be cloned and used for unauthorized transactions thereafter.