Incident Reporting System

Was your VISA declined by any embassy? Did your tutor not show up on time? Did the ward rounds not happen in English language? Did you encounter any other dissatisfying experiences?

The Incident Reporting System for our medical rotations has been established to create an anonymous and easy way to report any problem or incident arising during the rotation of any student or faculty. Your posts are completely anonymous and will help us to to identify and prevent any avoidable issues for the students of any Med’o Polo internship.

Most problems arise on our international locations beyond our knowledge and are often due to the non-adherence of the local administrative body or the hospital staff to the agrred upon conditions. Your use of the IRS will help to make students and faculty alike aware of any typical issues.

“Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?”

Peter McWilliams

To use the IRS, simply write a comment using the comment function below.

Your comment may not be visible until moderated to ensure the anonymousity of all parties involved. In addition, all comments will be ranked on a severity scale.

Thank you for using IRS and helping to focus our attention to any issue of our rotation program.

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  1. One student has been accepted to a Rotation in Shanghai for a duration of several months, but has only received a Visa for a part of the entire period. Visa elongation in Shanghai has been declined. The student had to re-apply for a new X- or F-Visa in the home country and to fly back for a short period to reenter China on a newly issued Visa. The rotation could be finished as planned, but there were additional travel costs to bear.

    Problem Ranking:
    Severity (1 – 5): 4
    Frequency (1 – 5): 1

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