Medical internship Brazil: Application to FMB Hospital / UNESP

Medical internship in Brazil: How to apply?

Medical internship brazil: Our students

For application to our medical internship Brazil program, please send us your application documents via email to

Are you ready to start your adventure and experience the culture and everyday-life at our university in Botucatu, Brazil? In the following, all information you need for application are listed:

Please send us all of the following electronic documents to apply:

  • Letter of recommendation and good standing from your university / medical school
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Photocopy of passport (We can NOT accept National ID Cards!)
  • Passport-style picture for your student-ID
  • Application Form  – Download Form
  • Bank Receipt for the transfer of the Application Fee of 110 EUR

Application Fee Brazil
Applicant Name

Apply now

Please note that the application process is solely electronic. Therefore, no original documents are required. Please submit your complete application after you have spoken with your foreign student office of your home university and cleared up all prior questions with us. The application fee is non-refundable.

  • Most importantly, please observe the deadline for application at the latest 6 month prior to the intended starting date of your internship.
  • Please arrange for private accomodation. UNESP/FMB does NOT offer any dormitory for international students yet. Of course we will provide you with a list of recommended housing possibilities in Botucatu once you applied and assist you in getting appropriate housing for the duration of your internship if needed.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain a suitable health insurance covering your entire stay in Brasil beforehand. In fact, without a suitable health insurance, you will not be able to start your internship at UNESP/FMB and please be prepared to show proof of insurancef on request.
  • Particularly, we highly encourage all students to participate in Portuguese classes alongside the medical internship if you are not speaking Portuguese already. Therefore, please let us know if you wish to attend language classes and we will provide you with contacts to suitable language schools in Botucatu and help you enrolling.

All applications sent to outdated email addresses are not guaranteed to be processed.  Furthermore, incomplete applications can not be processed!

Additional Questions?

In case you have any additional questions or concerns before applying, we will be happy to help you. If needed, we can also contact your responsible university office to solve any accreditation questions directly.
Please contact our consultants with any of your questions or if you have any problems submitting your application.

Program Accreditation:

Overall, we advise all applying international students to become familiar with the specific regulations of their home university / medical school on the acceptance of internships performed abroad prior to application. Indeed, many Universities usually do reserve their right to decide about the acceptance of rotations performed abroad on an individual basis. Every applicant is sole responsible to ensure credit acceptance by the respective home university. Therefore, MedoPolo International Elective Programs exclude any responsibility if credit may be denied in certain cases by your home university.

At the present time, most medical faculties within Germany and many international faculties have already accredited this elective program of UNESP/FMB and we do not exspect any accreditation issues.