Online Medical Courses

Development of Medical Courses and Online Ressources

Online Medical Courses have become a preferred ressource in the past few weeks, as universities and student education in many countries all over the planet have been closed due the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

COVID online Kurs
COVID E-learning

As response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have started to build our e-learning and have finished the first course on Corona Virus: Basic Course.
The course is in english language and specifically has the following learning objectives:

– Information on SARS-CoV-2 (selected general)
– Information on COVID-19 (selected general)
– Information on the use of Personal Proctection Equipment (PPE)
– Information on peculiarities of Airway Management
– Information on the basics of ventilation
– Information on ethical considerations / Team aspects (Soft Skills) / etc.

The course is free of charge. It is built for medical students within their clinical years, MD’s and all nursing staff and medical professionals involved in caring for COVID-19 patients.
The course is accredited by the medical faculty of the LMU Munich, Germany, the Faculty of Medicine Botucatu (FMB) in Botucatu, Brazil, the UNESP university in São Paulo, Brazil and CEU UCH University, Spain. If you are a student of the named institutions, please speak to your coordinators to receive your credits.

COVID e-learning
Corona Virus: Basic Course

By offering online e-learning courses, we aim to support our medical students during their time abroad. This additional tool will further aid the educational experience of our medical students while being abroad by adding structured reviews of regionally specific topics covered within the practical rotation in medical fields of our students choices. This online ressource will offer our students worldwide a standardized learning experience in English language. In the development, we are working closely together with the department chiefs and tutors of the respective rotation programs in China and Brazil and develop vignettes of typical regional patient cases of their regions. In the future, such online medical courses will be an invaluable addition to the rotations in our hospitals on site and all students will get access to a growing number of online learning ressources with time. The course completion and certificate will be mandatory for successful completion of the practical rotation in the future.


While such innovative developments are taking shape today, our team believes that the virtual complementation of international medical rotations, together with the implementation of medical simulation courses will result in a much more uniform and defined educational experience – despite the regional program differences and differences between the individual tutors. In those respects, we are hoping to soon add a whole new virtual dimension to the quality of our teaching and the overall learning experience of our students. In a constantly more digitalized world, we understand those developments as new tools to complement the reality of the here and now, without loosing sight of the surrounding real life with its many experiences.

“Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.”