The Shanghai East Hospital

The Shanghai East Hospital


Map Shanghai East HospitalThe Shanghai East Hospital main campus is located in Pudong amidst the scyscrapers. In its immediate vicinity are the Jin-Mao Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Near to the hospital is the subway stop "Dongchang Rd." (Line 2).
The new South Campus of the Shanghai East Hospital is also located in Pudong at 1800 Yuntai Road, close to the subway stop 'West Huaxia Road'  (Line 6). The new campus features state of the art equipment and offers additional rotation placements for international students in case that all placements at the main campus are already booked.


The comprehensive hospital is affiliated to the renowned Tongji University and consists of 39 clinical and technical departments and offices, which integrate medical procedures, disease prevention, medical education and research together. With its 1600 staff members - among them over 100 senior medical doctors - and 850 in-patient beds, the Shanghai East Hospital offers a superb teaching environment. Each department consists of 2 - 3 wards with 20 - 40 in-patient beds each plus an outpatient clinic. The hospital receives approximately 1.3 million outpatients and more than 100.000 emergency patients, both domestic and internationally per year. International patients are received by the English-speaking staff of the deparments of the Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC). Please refer to the diagram below for a list of the clinical departments of the hospital.


The hospital is equipped with a state of the art radiology department and offers a 64-row spiral CT machine, digital X-ray machine, LINAC, ECT and real-time 3D color ultrasound. The hospital also provides its own laboratory, a blood bank, a pathology with own sectioning rooms, a medical library, a computer lab and a multitude of fully equipped teaching spaces.

Education and Training

The hospital regularly offers clinical conferences and consiliar mentoring in all clinical departments, an antomical-pathological conference, advanced training meetings, case presentations, and discussion of the newest research results to all applicable staff and medical students.

Foreign Cooperations

In 2001, the Sino-German Heart Resaerch Institute was established in a cooperation with the German Heart Center in Berlin (DHZB). Subsequently, the Sino-American International Hospital, the Sino- Japanese Senmao Clinic, the Sino-French Urological Surgery Center, the Sino-American East-Anderson Tumor Center, and Sino-American Emergency Research Institute have been set up one after another. Exchange of international scholars is conducted regularly. There are more than 40 medical professionals amongst the staff who have received their medical education or have worked abroad.

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