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Shanghai East Hospital

The Shanghai East Hospital


The International Medical Internship Program of Tongji University Medical School is managed and organized by the team of Med'o Polo - closely working together with the Education Office - Shanghai East Hospital. In addition to the education of the medical students from Tongji University, the Education Office of the Shanghai East Hospital, together with Med'o Polo Internships, has established the leading International Medical Internship program in China and is proud to offer medical students from all over the world the possibility to intern in the most vibrant setting within the city of Shanghai. Due to the Universities history and the founding of the Medical School by the German Doctor Bolon in Shanghai 1907, the Shanghai East Hospital, teaching hospital of Tongji University, is actively promoting and supporting the international exchange of medical students and is presently offering not only one of the largest, but also the most comprehensive and well known Medical Internship Program in mainland China. To ensure its continuous standard of excellence and proper mentoring for every single student the Education Center was founded in 2001. The teaching language is English. Besides the teaching spaces, the program also provides dormitory housing for local and foreign students.


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