Scientific Exchange

Scientific Exchange at Tongji University

Tongji University is currently implementing a Scientific Exchange Program for International students. Our broad range of research fields offer international students to join one of our research projects for a predefined time-duration or hand in a proposal for a joint-research connected to their own projects. For your research work, we offer cutting-edge laboratory spaces and a staff of professional laboratory technicians to aid our own and international scientists.

One of the major research fields of Tongji University includes the study of stem-cell centered models. In the future, we hope to jointly work on common projects with international Universities and Medical Schools.

Please contact us if you are interested on finding a suitable research project by handing in a two-page description of your current research work and/or making a suggestion of how you would envision a joint research. If you plan on joining one of our existing research projects, please inquire with us and make sure to give us a clear idea about what interests you are having. We will contact you with current research projects at Tongji University that may be fitting.

We currently work on an online presentation of available research projects open to international students and researchers.