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The Dormitory

Dormitory Information

The main dormitory building is located at 145 Rushan Road, Pudong, Shanghai and is within a 15 minute walk (1.1 km) from the Hospital. Besides the rooms for the domestic students of Tongji University and the accomodations for our international students, the building also contains office spaces and several classrooms equipped with LCD-projectors.
The yard in front of the dormitory building features of two full Basketball fields and short distance running tracks.
Street entrance to yard Entrance to dormitory building
Street entrance to the premises Entrance to the dormitory
Dormitory and yard
Courtyard and dormitory building


Shanghai is a very safe city and crimes against foreigners are rare. Around tourist areas, one should avoid scams (e.g. do not go with friendly strangers which want to practice their English with you - they leave you with an unjustifyed huge bill!) and occasional pickpockets. The biggest danger is traffic, please exert caution.
The premises itself are monitored by security 24-hours and guards are monitoring every person who enters and leaves the premises through the street entrance.


Location of the dormitory: 

Ru Shan Road 145, Pu Dong Xin Qu, Shanghai 200120, China

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