Chinese Foreign Student Program

Chinese Foreign Student Program


The Chinese Foreign Student Internship Program is suitable for any foreign student studying for their Medical Bachelor and/or Medical Master program at any faculty in China. The internship time is typically one year, but the duration of the internship for Chinese Foreign Students can be shortened upon request.

Please be aware that an early application at least 6 month in advance of the intended start of the internship is extremely important to increase the chance for enrollment into the International Internship Program. Therefore we urge every student to apply to our program as early as possible to avoid disappointment in case we have to reject applications due to the fact that all internship places are already fully booked. Since our dormitory spaces are also limited, we cannot guarantee that any Chinese Foreign Student can stay in the dormitory for the entire duration of the program.


After arrival at the airport in Shanghai, each student has to clear immigrations, pick up their baggage and pass through customs. The Shanghai Pudong Airport is located about 20 miles from the center of Shanghai.
There are several ways to continue travel to the Education Center:
  • By Taxi: A trip by taxi will cost about 300 -350 RMB and will take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the current traffic situation. To help you reach the Education Office, you can prepare a printout of the card provided in the Download section.
  • By Meglev and subway: The famous Meglev train is one of the fastest ways to reach Shanghai. With a top speed of 430 km/hour, the train will take you in a few minutes to its final station at LongYang Station (The one-way trip costs 40 RMB if you can present your flight ticket). From there, you can either take a taxi (Warning: Only accept metered taxi fares, do not accept fixed prices without running meter!) or thake the green subway line No. 2 to DongChang Road station.
  • By Subway: Pudong Airport is connected to Shanghai via the subway line number 2 (Green line). The ride from Airport Pudong to  the DongChang Road station takes approximately 75 minutes.

General information

The Education Office established the Chinese Foreign Student Internship Program for International Medical Students studying at any medical school of China. The usual length of the program is 12 month, but the length of stay can be shortened upon request. Please understand that the Fee for this program is fixed, even if you decide to shorten your length of stay. Each student can request their individual rotation wishes through any department of the SHanghai East Hospital. While the teaching language for the 'Famulatur' and 'PJ' Programs is solely English, our Chinese Foreign Student Program is taught in English and Chinese. Thus, good command of the English and Chinese language is a prerequisite.

Day 1: Orientation session

To provide the students an easy start, the first day of the internship begins with an orientation session. Every student will be shown around all relevant facilities, such as the wards, the operation theatre, the outpatient clinic, the Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC), etc.
Additionally, each student is provided with her/his official hospital ID and a has the possibility to get their own Doctors-coat for the price of 100 CNY.


The internship

Since the schedule of the different wards and departments can vary greatly and the rotation schedule of each student is made on an individual basis, we can not provide you with any example schedule. Depending on the department and ward the student is rotating through, he/she will be required to participate in the daily activities on the ward, attend surgeries in the OR, prepare case presentation for the hospital staff and/or attend our lecture sessions. The attendance of lectures is mandatory.


On the last day of the internship, you can collect your papers in Prof. Zhao's office after returning the filled out feedback form and returning any items you may have been entrusted with (eg. locker keys, books, etc.).