Med'o Polo Medical Internships

The Med'o Polo Medical Internships

The Med'o Polo Medical Internship Program pursues the goal of offering international internships of uniform and high quality to medical students from across the globe and independent from university partnerships at reasonable costs and with the necessary logistics to respond to any unforeseen problems arising for any enrolled student in a flexible and goal-oriented manner.

The Med'o Polo Medical Internship started its development out of the International Internship of the Shanghai East Hospital. Over the years, several additional internship programs began to  show interest as the Med'o Polo network grew.

Med'o Polo is actively involved in curriculum development and research in International Medical Education from its beginnings in 2010 and is constantly revising its curricula for international medical students. Curriculum development incorporates the adoption of innovative new approaches and is revised based on our students feedback on a yearly basis.

Med'o Polo focuses on sustaining very affordable costs of all internship programs for the enrolled students and all programs work on a strictly self-funding basis. As such, Med'o Polo invests much work and logistics into the development of new internship programs, that are able too meet our high accreditation standards on the one hand and are also capable of being sustained at a reasonable cost to our students. The Med'o Polo Scholarship Program is open to selected students from our partnering universities to enable their participation in our internships.

Through our international team that is spread all over the world and internal logistics, we are always there for all enrolled students and will respond to any unforeseen problems with the necessary flexibility and innovation. Med'o Polo is always happy to hear from enrolled students and hopes to offer you a great learning environment in select international hospitals.