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Questiona & Answers provides you with answers to the most frequesntly asked questions about the Medopolo Internship Program. Just click on the question you have to display the answer.

Application to any internship of Medopolo International Internship Program is online. You can reach the application by clicking on the "Application" menue tab on the top navigation bar - from there, just follow the "Apply now" button of your preferred internship location and choose the desired starting- and end-dates of your internship. If there are available placements, you will be taken to our online application form.
Please note that you should have all documents ready to upload before you continue on to our online application.

The only way to create your own User Account on is to apply to any of our International Medical Internship Programs. Your User Account will enable you to upload your application documents and to access your personal electronic Invitation Letter (once admitted), the "Incident Reporting System" (for reporting any problems during your internship), and the Internship Evaluation (STAReval) to evaluate your internship online.

Yes. You can apply to both International Internship Programs if you like to attend at several locations. If you want to book consecutive internships in China and Brasil for example, just apply with the respective internship dates to each program seperately. Since each of your applications will be processed independently, acceptance to each internship program will be seperately. We still try to get you accepted simultaneously to both internship programs and you can exspect to be accepted to the respective other location once you have been accepted to either one location.

The Application Fee is payable upon application. Before you can submit your online application, you can choose between the two options: "Pay via Bank Wire Transfer" or "Pay via PayPal".

Yes, you may also apply for a period of less than one month, but we recommend you book your internship for a minimum duration of 4 weeks to get the most out of your internship. Please note that you will still have to pay the monthly Education Fee for the internship program - even if you should choose to stay only for 2 weeks, since the Education Fee can only be paid on a monthly basis and cannot be broken down to individual weeks.

No. The Education Fee is based on a monthly basis only. If you apply for ant time period of 1 month or less, you will be invoiced for 1 Education Fee/month - if you apply for any time period of 1 - 2 month (e.g. 6 weeks), you will be invoiced for 2 Education Fee's/month. Please bear this in mind when you make your choice of internship dates.

Normally it will take up to 4 weeks until the Internship Programs you applied for have made a decision about the admittance or rejection to our program. This decision is based upon availability and upon the applicants credentials and documents. You can find your application status in your personal user account when viewing :

- 'Pending' and 'Processing' means that your application is still under review

- 'Cancelled' means that your application has been rejected

- 'Completed' means that your application was successful and that you will receive your invitation letter about 3 month before the intended starting date of your internship to apply for a Visa.

If you should not get a status change to 'Cancelled' or 'Completed' within a 4 week period, you may inquire with us via email to find out your status.

You will receive a PayPal invoice about 3 month prior to the starting date of your internship. You can pay the Education Fee either directly through PayPal or via bank wire transfer - using the bank details specified in this invoice. Please understand that your internship reservation depends on the receival of your Education Fee and that your Education Fee is payable before you receive your Invitation Letter. The Education Fee is due at the latest 1 month prior to the starting date of your internship and can NOT be paid in cash during your internship!

Of course, the entire amount or a part of your Education Fee will be refunded to you if you should have to cancel or shorten your internship with us after you have already made a payment. The applicable amount will be refunded to your bank account in such case.

You may cancel your internship due to personal or academic reasons at anytime. In case that you already have paid the Education Fee with us, you will be refunded the entire amount to your bank account if you can not start your internship at all. Once you have started your internship, the Education Fee is non refundable for the respective month you have started - however, if you should have applied for more than one month - the remaining Education Fee of the next month will be refunded to you in full.

The Chinese Visa-centers do provide online information about the Visa application.