The Simulation Center

The Simulation Center

Tongji University Simulation Center

Tongji University has established a comprehensive medical simulation center and skills lab. At current, we are in the planning of a joint project that will enable our students to attend state of the art simulation classes during their rotations to gain even more clinical skills using the tools of medical simulation.

The simulation center consists of basic simulation equipment for simple reanimation (ALS / Advanced Life Support) classes as well as more sophisticates settings for the training of anesthesiological or surgical skills. At current, the simulation center is only accessible to the medical staff and Chinese students of Tongji University and the Shanghai East Hospital.


About Simulation Teaching

Simulation Teaching has become increasingly important in medical education. Through simulation, the learners can acquire basic skills through training as well as learning on - in reality - rare cases of medical complications under stress without the danger of hurting any patients. Through the practice in a protected environment and with the help of structured debriefing sessions, the learners are empowered to learn from mistakes and to be guided to tequniques to enhance their performance and problem-solving skills.


As part of our constant strieve to enhance the learning experience for our students, we hope to be able to offer tailored simulation courses to our students in Germany and also in Shanghai in the near future, as we firmly believe that this learning tool will become an increasingly valuable part of medical education in general. In addition to our active research in the field of medical Education, we are currently working with the Berlin Simulation Center (BEST) of the Charitè University on the development of suitable student courses for the preperation of students for their rotations abroad. We hope that we will be able to offer the first Med'oPolo student courses in Berlin in the beginning of 2019. Thereafter, we will try to implement those courses as well on-site in Shanghai and incorporate them into our curriculum.