Alumni Experience Reports

Alumni Student Experience Reports


Alumni Students sharing their experiences


Many of our international Alumni students have shared their experiences over the past years. Since a majority of our student body are studying at medical faculties all over Germany, the majority of reports has been published in German language. To make it easier for any interested medical student to get an overview of the online experience reports over the past years and to faciliate transparancy, we will feature a regularily updated list of what opinions of our Alumni Students are out there about our program through the help of a translation tool to overcome language barriers.


Alumni student reports from students:

We support access to a multitude of experience reports from our alumni students in this section. We provide you with links* using a traslation tool to display comments in English language:


- Experience Reports from PJ-Ranking

- Experience Reports from PJ-Ranking: German language

- Experience Reports from Famulatur-Ranking

- Experience Reports from Famulatur-Ranking: German Language

- Experience Reports from melectives (Translations from several alumni experience reports)

- Experience Report from University Luebbeck (2017)

- Experience Report from University Frankfurt (2016)

- Experience Report from University Duesseldorf 2016

- Experience Report 2015 (4 Month)

- Experience Report BayChina 2015 (4 Month)

- Experience Report from University of Marburg 2015

- Experience Report from University of Cologne 2015

- Experience Report BayChina 2012 (2 Month)

- Experience Report University Graz 2012

- Experience Report 2010 (2 Month)

- Experience Report from LMU student




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