General Application Information

All applying international students are advised to become familiar with the specific regulations of their home university / medical school on the acceptance of internships performed abroad prior to application. Universities usually do reserve their right to decide about the acceptance of internships performed abroad on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of every applicant to ensure that credit will be granted. The internship program itself or Med'o Polo cannot be held responsible if credit is denied in certain cases.

The deadline for application is varies between each internship program, generally the deadlines are beween 4 - 6 month prior to the intended starting date of your internship.
Please be prepared to arrange for private accomodation in any case! Housing is not available for all of our programs and/or housing placements are limited. If you have serious problems finding private accomodations, we will of course try to assist you in getting appropriate housing for the duration of your internship if needed.
Please note that it is also your responsibility to obtain a suitable health insurance covering your stay abroad before you can start your internship. Please be prepared to show us proof of insurance if requested.


Application Documents

For application to any of our programs, please fill in your desired starting- and end-dates on the left of the application page of the internship of your choice and choose your desired internship place. If any internship placements are available for your requested internship duration, just follow the application and checkout process to receive your personal login information via email.

Thereafter, you can complete your application by uploading the following documents to your personal user account:

Letter of recommendation and good standing from your university / medical school
Curriculum vitae
Letter of motivation
Photocopy of passport (National ID Cards can not be accepted!)
Passport picture for ID
Hospital Application Form
University Application Form - ONLY for Shanghai applicants!

Paypal payment OR Bank Wire transfer of the Application Fee
      - You will receive the account information via email if you wish to pay via bank wire transfer.
      - Alternatively, the Application Fee can be paid conveniently via Paypal during the checkout process.

Ready to apply?


 Please note that you will be required to submit ALL the application documents via email after you completed your information and checkout. The only document required immeadiately is your filled out Application letter.
The application process is solely electronic and no original documents are required. Please send your application ONLY using our electronic checkout process!

 All applications sent to outdated email addresses are not guaranteed to be processed. Incomplete applications can not be processed!

Additional Questions?

In case you have any additional questions or concerns before applying to any of our offered internship programs, we will be happy to answer you.
Please contact our consultants with your questions or if you have any problems submitting your application at